Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"In" Sync

First of all, Whitney, thanks for leaving a comment for me. Whitney's one of my friends who I don't get to hang out with nearly as much as I'd like, and she knows how insecure I am, so she left a comment on the post about the bug so I would feel loved. I did feel loved, and it kept me from flying back into the flame of longing for the approval of others. . . at least, for a little while.

On another front, I have good news to report: my computer at work finally switched over to Daylight Savings Time! I know that's not a huge announcement, but for about three weeks now, whenever I would sync my BlackBerry with my computer, my BlackBerry would jump ahead an hour, because my computer wasn't set to switch over to Daylight Savings Time until this past weekend. So, for the past few weeks, the clock on my computer was an hour later than all my other clocks. Now, everything is the same, and peace reigns in the kingdom once again. I'm sure there was some sort of patch that I could have downloaded to install on my computer to update it to the new Daylight Savings Time weekend, but good grief, what a lot of trouble! Here's the thing: I need technology to make my life easier and not add a bunch of steps to my life, like having to download updates for my computer so something as minor as the clock will work right. 'Course all the blame can't be laid at the computer's doorstep either. Does it make anyone else nervous the level of arrogance it takes to "move" time around like we do? Just wondering if Microsoft makes a patch that will fix human pride. No? Oh well, guess we'll stay out of sync on that one.

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