Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Be a Non-Pagan

"You can't shame a pagan. . . shame is their daily coat." This is a quote from my friend Kevin. I love Kevin, because he uses words like "pagan" to describe non-Christians, which I just think is awesome, because when I think of pagans, I think of little midget-like people, running around trees and chanting, but really, Kevin's idea is much more biblical.

At any rate, this statement blew me away by how accurate it is, and I started wondering how my view towards people would change if I really believed that non-Christians were "clothed" in shame. And then that started me thinking about Paul's writings to the church at Galatia, where he tells them we're to "put on" ("be clothed") in Christ. And, I wondered how my view towards people would change if I really believed that! Here's the thing: Christians (non-pagans) aren't supposed to be clothed in shame. So many times I equate guilt or feeling bad over my sins with shame, and that's about as ungodly as you can get! Christ suffered shame, not me. That was part of his sacrifice.

I mean, it sounds all super-spiritual and all to say, "I feel so ashamed of my sins," but that statement is really one of the most arrogant, prideful things you can say. It's really like standing at the foot of the cross, looking up at Christ, and saying, "Make room, Jesus, I'm coming up."

Hmm, really?

Thanks, Kevin!


Anonymous said...

ur right ...the shame of my sin is arrogance. if i were humble i would see the seriousness of it, and therefore have a better chance at repenting from it. good point sir :)

JNoah said...

I just think most of what I try to pass off as humility or pious spirituality is really rooted in pride. Gotta live in light of the gospel, which is all about my being owed nothing and bringing nothing to the table.