Friday, April 18, 2008

On a Scale of 1-10

So, there's a girl in my Sunday School class who's been asking for prayer for several months now about issues she's been having with her car. Usually these requests come in the middle of other requests for relatives who have cancer, or friends who have just lost their jobs, and sometimes, the way she tells the stories, her requests almost seem kind of humorous, and that's okay.

But, here's the thing, does God really rank prayer requests? I'm not talking about that fuzzy-wuzzy, "God-loves-us-and-is-concerned-about-every-hair-on-our-head" kind of crap we all say but don't really understand or else it'd cause us to fall on our faces in amazement. I'm talking about the fact that I don't honestly believe that all prayer requests seem easy and, in a sense, insignificant to God. I mean, they're important to him because we're his children, and he wants us to present our requests to him, but really, it's not like he's relieved when we only ask him to fix our car as opposed to curing our cancer. It just seems to me that those two things are equally do-able for him, and the apparent difference in the seriousness and difficulty of meeting those needs lies at my end of the "space-time continuum," not his. For some reason, I don't think he saw the inconsistency in that like we did.

I don't know exactly what I think about all this, but I'm pretty glad that the girl in my Sunday School asked for prayer about her busted radiator cap right after someone else had asked for prayer for a family where the dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wife was pregnant with their first baby, because it really got me thinking, and I think helped put God in a "righter" perspective for me.

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Jason J said...

Very good point JNoah. I guess I have not really thought about it in the perspective that you just did, but I'm glad you put your thoughts into words. Thanks for the wisdom bro. Jason J.