Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaves a Bad Taste

A few weeks ago my roommate bought his dog, Radley, a nice new water tank. I call it a tank, because that's exactly what it looks like: a mini-water cooler that lets water into the bowl as Radley drinks. It's a pretty great invention. Now, remember, my roommate bought this for Radley so that he'd have clean drinking water, anytime he wants it. Radley doesn't have to worry about ever running out; everytime he goes to the bowl to drink, there's water.

Now, here's the thing: one of Radley's favorite things to do is go lay down in the front yard, right by the faucet and try to lick any water that might be dripping out of the faucet. Because the hose is attached, he has to work really hard to get even the smallest drop out, and there's no guarantee that there'll be water there when he goes over there. But, almost every time he's in the front yard, he's over at that faucet trying hard to get a few drops of water that tastes like old, outdoor pipes.

I'm going to leave it to you, reader, to make the spiritual connection.

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