Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hypocrisy is an Art

I guess I'm a blogger now. I never really thought I would be. The appeal of things like Facebook and MySpace have tended to fly over my head. I'm still of the age where e-mail and text messages have been about as impersonal a form of communication as I've wanted to use, and to be honest, blogging has always seemed a little arrogant to me: "Hello, world, listen to what I have to say. . . it's worth it!"

Funny thing is, I don't really hesitate sending out mass e-mails with my thoughts on anything and everything. And therein, lies the hypocrisy and an insight into my personality and character. In a mass e-mail sent to my friends and family--which will help clutter up their Inbox until they read or delete it--I will decry the arrogance of bloggers, publishing their thoughts as if their thoughts are worth reading. Assuming all the while that they have been waiting on my e-mail, wondering, fretting even, over what Jason thinks about blogging, so they can structure their worldview accordingly.

Here's the thing: obvious hypocrisy is easy and requires little talent. It's the layered, subtle "two-facedness" that requires years of practice, and a little bit of flare, and the fact that I'm so good at it, scares me to death!

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